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Men's effigy or vibrator, is the erotic accessory, that it works as copied of the penis. The range the quality but also the size differ from accessory in accessories and they are something in which the consumer will be supposed to give the proportional attention and importance. The Choice that is to say such accessory good is it becomes with various criteria, sure base with our taste that has each one us fundamentally, but at the same time with base other parameters, as the size and the quality.

1. The size: The size is something that it will be supposed we seriously look at in the market of vibrator. Particularly for persons ho begin now the use of vibrator, the size is first that it will be supposed they keep in mind. It is well that we begin with thinly and not very big sizes, and as much realistically it becomes, that mean with vibrators that are copied in big percentage the penis they are softly, this it happens in vibrators that are manufactured from silicone and can offer apart from pleasant sense and also protection from by any chance wounds and irritations in the sensitive regions.

2. The quality: The quality is also something that differs from vibrator in vibrator. The vibrators are manufactured from silicone and plastic, with a view in every case differs except the price and his operation. Exist that is to say cases where a such accessory will be very hard and other that will be very soft, depending on the case and our disposal.

In general lines in any case a such accessory you offer for moments of enjoyment of game and ecstasy and his aim it is the erotic climax. Show with his purchase that above all you respect the limits of your self and the erotic wish of your companions and the accessory it will pass your senses in other dimension


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Η εταιρεία TRIPLEX EROTIC STORE δημιουργήθηκε με σκοπό να αλλάξει τον τρόπο με τον οποίο μέχρι σήμερα σκεφτόσασταν οταν ακούγατε τη λεξη sexshop . Έιμαστε λοιπόν εδώ για να σας βοηθήσουμε να ξεπεράσετε τα ταμπού και να βελτιώσετε την ερωτική σας ζωή . Σε ένα καθαρό , ευχάριστο και φιλόξενο περιβάλλον θα βρείτε ολα οσα χρειάζεστε για να δραπετεύσετε απο την καθημερινότητα . Ξεχωριστά εσώρουχα ανδρικά και γυναικεία που θα απογειώσουν την φαντασια του/της συντρόφου σας . Αξεσουάρ αλλά και βοηθήματα που θα ανεβάσουν άρδην το επίπεδο της ερωτικής σας ζωής . Έξυπνα δώρα που όταν τα χαρίσετε θα σας θυμούνται για πάντα... Στη διάθεση σας εξειδικευμένο και φιλικό προσωπικό για να σας λύσει τυχόν απορίες και να σας βοηθήσει στις αγορές σας , πάντα με πλήρη εχεμύθεια . TRIPLEX EROTIC STORE για ότι αφορά τον έρωτα ...


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